If you drop the price,
will it break?

Retail Industry Perspective

Technology innovations have empowered consumers, irreversibly altering the way they shop for and buy retail goods. Are you struggling to adapt to the hyper-informed consumer’s fingertip access to alternative prices, promotions and products? Adding to the complexity, evolving competitive formats and social media have exacerbated the challenge by heightening transparency, information sharing, and decision urgency. And if that wasn’t enough, in a world of overly abundant choices, empowered consumers are also demanding more personalized experiences, increasing convenience, and want to feel like they are maximizing value for their money. Leveraging analytics, we can help you eliminate these unknowns by accurately segmenting customers, understanding potential “holes in the basket,” targeting appropriate campaigns and managing price response at a SKU/location level.

Retail Case Stories

“Revenue Analytics are the anti-consultants. They do real work with real insight that adds actual value.”

Chief Marketing Officer, Leading Global Beauty Salon Conglomerate



Change is hard, but it doesn’t have to be, but we can make it easy for you. After all, if your product (or service) has a price, you can use Revenue Management. That said, we bring deep industry expertise, and can help you solve for the unknowns. Click the button below to ignite change within your organization.

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When assortment decisions are driven by your buyer’s personal favorite color

Practice Area Partner

Jared Wiesel

Jared Wiesel leads Revenue Analytics’ Consumer Products & Retail Practice and is a well-respected expert across many industry sectors. Jared has deep experience delivering revenue growth and strategic transformation, with projects successfully delivered across four continents. He is a well-known author and media presence on key revenue optimization trends affecting these industries.

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