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You can drive 200+ basis points of margin

 |  May 09

A well-known, highly-valued brand? Check. A strong market position? Check. A talented leadership team? Check. A competent sales team with strong customer relationships? Check. You’ve seemingly got all the pieces in place, so why’s it so hard to drive profitable […]

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Flooring Giant Flourishes in a Flat Market

 |  Feb 07

You’re floored by $105 million in quick hit and longer-term opportunities. We did it by eliminating the unknowns. We crafted new pricing guidelines, while streamlining the pricing approval process. We created a dynamic warning system to rescue at-risk customers, and deployed fresh sales metrics that identify your true top performers. You’ve laid the groundwork for a speedy recovery to drive revenue, and solved for all the carpet-only variables – even the human ones.

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Sales Analytics Reduces Churn

 |  Jan 30

Say goodbye to customer churn, and hello to a net 27 percent increase in customers in your first year. We arm you with an “Intervention Playbook” that allows you to continually monitor at-risk customers and re-prioritizes sales activities with the scheduling logic already in your CRM. We also give you a new incentive plan that segments customer profiles and product groups to drive sales behaviors, with a method to optimize products and prices for each account. Life is good. That’s what eliminating the unknowns can do.

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