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Atlanta area retailers brace for Amazon-Whole Foods...

Atlanta Journal Constitution |  Jun 23

Amazon’s $13.7 billion deal to buy high-end grocer Whole Foods Market sent shockwaves through the retail universe. Given Amazon’s history of disruption, experts say, the blockbuster transaction over time could influence the way consumers in Atlanta and elsewhere buy meats, […]

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Nike earnings: Cozying up to consumers in the face ...

MarketWatch |  Jun 22

Nike Inc. is expected to report fourth-quarter earnings on June 29, just a couple of weeks after announcing a major reorganization that includes a 2% workforce reduction and a focus on enhancing its direct-to-consumer sales. The company’s new alignment will […]

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Are Freight Forwarders Stuck in a Perpetual Pricing...

Global Trade Magazine |  Jun 20

Excessive Capacity, Declining Prices, and Falling Demand are Sinking the Global Industry’s Profits. It happens every single day in boardrooms across the world. Shipping executives huddle in the morning and decide how much they must lower prices in order to […]

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Amazon to hire 1,000 for metro Atlanta center

Atlanta Journal Constitution |  Jun 02

Amazon plans a new distribution hub in metro Atlanta that will ultimately employ about 1,000 full-time workers. The new “fulfillment center” in Jefferson, about 60 miles northeast of downtown Atlanta, will be Amazon’s second in Jackson County, and the announcement […]

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Every time this happens, Amazon crushes another leg...

MarketWatch |  May 15

Amazon has moved in and dominated categories including books and cloud services, with fashion waiting in the wings For investors in Amazon, the most important number to remember is 20. When online sales hit 20% of all purchases in a […]

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Attention Shoppers, Product Price War in Aisle 9

Total Retail |  Apr 24

Another quarterly earnings season is in the books, and while there were a few star performers, it was another dismal one for retailers. It seemed almost a daily occurrence — headlines littered with the next retailer that struggled under the […]

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21st Century Product Portfolio Management

Consumer Goods Technology |  Mar 30

Senior executives at consumer products companies are caught in a tight bind these days. Wall Street still has high expectations for growth, but many of the companies’ growth strategies – such as expanding into China and emerging markets to balance […]

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The Future of Retail: 4 Upcoming Trends to Watch

Business News Daily |  Mar 27

Retail has been a fickle vertical. With a mix of completely e-commerce stores versus brick-and-mortar locations, it’s important to understand what consumers want year to year to ensure your business continues to succeed. According to Forbes, millennials’ buying power will […]

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