Success Has A Formula

If you want to drive revenue without increasing risk, you’ve got to eliminate the unknowns. And it’s going to take a multidisciplinary team of top specialists with some very sophisticated technology to make this happen. You can't do this on your own, and neither can those big consulting firms or that trendy new software vendor. But it can be done. We know it can, because we invented the math that makes it possible, and we’re seeing it work every day for the largest, most respected brands in the world. Here’s how we do it.

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We have a saying at Revenue Analytics – never let a B-Team anywhere near your project. When your revenue decisions involve millions of variables, a shifting competitive landscape, and many uncertain outcomes, you need a specialized team to solve the problem. You want consultants that specialize solely in revenue growth, not generalists. You’re going to run into a lot of complexity, so you need PhD mathematicians, not MBAs. And to build a scalable solution that stands the test of time, you’ll need top flight software engineers. That’s why we bring these people together for every project and have them work closely with your team to craft the right solution. It means you get the best thinking, collected from the best minds, and assembled for the best fit for your specific needs.


For most companies your size, the complexity of revenue decisions has outgrown spreadsheets. You need a big system to crunch all of that data. That generally leaves two options: buying generic, off-the-shelf software or launching a long-term IT project to build a custom system. We take a different approach - one that offers the best of both worlds, without the risks. We have developed a library of predictive analytics components based on decades of experience across multiple industries. These components help you accelerate your journey. And our process of crafting the components into your solution allows you to work with our experts to determine how to best configure the components and add custom elements to ensure it fits your needs. It means you don’t have to shoehorn your problem into a generic system, and you don’t have to wait for a system to get built from scratch. And you don’t have to live through the battles to get battle-tested technology.


Let’s face it – people hate change. And revenue decisions like changing price have a lot of emotion attached to them. So, if you’re going to change the way those decisions are made, expect some anxiety and some pushback. Sure, there are analytics involved, but this is no math problem. After all, even the best possible solution will drive zero uplift if it isn’t adopted. That’s why we focus on solving the human equation from day one. We make sure that your decision-makers are involved each step of the way, from design to launch. We take care to shape the models to their thought process. We also teach them about how the models work, so that we can bridge the divide between the business perspective and the model perspective. That way, you don’t get a “black box” system that isn’t trusted. You get a capability that combines the best of human judgment and machine precision. One that drives revenue, not risk. One that is built to last.