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Automotive OEMs Industry Perspective

While SAAR might be down some, the overall numbers say the auto industry is solid. But it certainly doesn’t feel like it to you. Around your halls you hear the concerns: Squeezed profits on sales. Rising gas prices after you doubled down on larger vehicles. Pressure on the parts and after-market teams to make up some of the lost ground. Focus on marketing to demonstrate better ROI. We need to go electric! We need to find subscription dollars! We need to innovate! The ideas and initiatives are flying around faster than your organization can keep up. Finding sustainable sources of revenue and margin is the name of the game. What if some of that revenue and profitability was sitting there right in front of you, ready to be grabbed? What if all it took was applying some new lenses and tools to your data to unlock new profits? What if scientific pricing, artificial-intelligence decision tools and predictive analytics could drive new revenue? It’s all more than possible.

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“Revenue Analytics knows how to work with large, diverse organizations. They know when to push and when to pullback. They are great change agents.”


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Change is hard, but it doesn’t have to be, but we can make it easy for you. After all, if your product (or service) has a price, you can use Revenue Management. That said, we bring deep industry expertise, and can help you solve for the unknowns. Click the button below to ignite change within your organization.

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Matt Busch

Matt Busch serves as a Partner with Revenue Analytics. In this role, he advises clients and leads engagements on Revenue Management strategy to assess, develop and deliver industry leading pricing, inventory and Revenue Management capabilities.

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