Consolidation. Programmatic. Pricing Pressure. Business Threat or Opportunity?

With downward pressure on prices across the industry, and a lack of centralized pricing control and standard approval processes, are your prices based on current sell-out and YoY price increases rather than projected sell-out? Does your lack of pricing strategy lead to negative business decisions? Do you feel like you’re losing pricing control for your most valuable inventory, that you lack visibility into price compliance, or that there are implications for agreeing to take a lower priced national deal? What if you could leverage a price optimization model that blends your unique business strategy with dynamic market insights and predicts future sell-out levels based on how your customers respond to pricing actions? What if you could count on that model to dynamically adjust prices based on changing marketing conditions, booking pace, and ratings changes? What if your team had the ability to analyze the impact of potential price changes across your entire portfolio through “what-if” scenario planning capabilities?
Sell more do less

Practice Area Partner

Zach Cross

Zach Cross leads Revenue Analytics’ Media Practice Area. With deep Media expertise, Zach has helped his clients eliminate their unknowns in forecasting, proposal optimization, inventory allocation, rate setting, the management of ADU’s, and cross platform sales. Zach has also been featured in national publications, and authored scholarly articles on the topic of Revenue Management.