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Whatever happened to growth? In Revenue Management, Robert G. Cross answers this question with his groundbreaking approach to revitalizing businesses: focusing on the revenue side of the ledger instead of the cost side. The antithesis of slash-and-burn methods that left companies with empty profits and dissatisfied stockholders, Revenue Management overturns conventional thinking on growth strategies and offers the key to initiating and sustaining profitable growth. Envisaging an era of Big Data and Predictive Analytics, Robert G. Cross, describes no-tech, low-tech, and high-tech methods that managers can use to increase revenue without increasing risk. His proven tactics can help any business dramatically improve its bottom line by meeting the challenge of profitably matching supply with demand.

From the Publisher: "From the man The Wall Street Journal hailed as 'the Guru of Revenue Management' comes a revolutionary way to recover from the after effects of downsizing and refocus your business growth.”

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