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Wal-Mart widens appeal to compete with Amazon witho...

MarketWatch |  Dec 14

Dollar stores like Dollar General are making moves to expand their value proposition as well. Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is working hard to broaden its appeal to compete with e-commerce juggernaut Inc., but that doesn’t mean it’s leaving behind the […]

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Revenue Analytics Recognized as One of the Nation’s...

Nasdaq Globe Newswire |  Nov 14

Revenue Analytics, a tech-enabled consulting firm, has been named one of the top fastest growing firms in 2017 by Consulting magazine. Consulting magazine’s ‘Growing Firms’is a global ranking of the fastest growing consulting firms – honoring consulting firms of all […]

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3 Quick Tips for CEOs Interested in Artificial Inte...

Chief Executive Magazine |  Nov 03

In 2012, Target predicted a customer was pregnant, and then sent offers to her for products like diapers. Some saw this as a disconcerting invasion of privacy. However, it also demonstrates the potential insights that can be gleaned from data […]

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Fewer shoppers are waiting for Black Friday to get ...

MarketWatch |  Oct 18

In a promotional environment, shoppers are finding a good deal all year round Experts still expect Black Friday to be the biggest shopping day of the year, but increasingly, shoppers say they’re not rushing to purchase gifts on that one […]

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The Intersect of Cloud Computing and Revenue Manage...

Hotel Business Review  |  Oct 18

Why Hotel Executives Should Have Their Heads in the Cloud Cloud computing is a term that most people know about and are familiar with. However, many hotel executives don’t know that the advent of the cloud is reshaping the future […]

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Optimizing Portfolio Mixes in Logistics and Transpo...

Global Trade Magazine |  Oct 04

How Industry Pain Points Can Be Relieved by Diversifying and Better Managing Customer Contracts Companies in every industry know the importance of effectively managing a diverse portfolio mix, but logistics and transportation companies can particularly benefit from rethinking their current strategies. […]

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Future of Revenue Management: Data Analytics, Big I...

Hotels Magazine |  Oct 02

Today’s revenue managers have an astounding amount of information at their fingertips to help determine room pricing and to maximize revenue, but combing through all this data in an efficient manner can be a full-time job. A single data source […]

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Revenue Analytics Senior Marketing Manager Wins TAG...

Globe Newswire |  Sep 22

Revenue Analytics, a tech-enabled consulting firm and a leader in the Pricing and Revenue Management space, announced today that Senior Marketing Manager Michelle Reape has won the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) Young Professionals One in a Millennial award for […]

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Veteran Finance Executive Tom Savini Joins Revenue ...

Nasdaq Globe Newswire |  Sep 06

Revenue Analytics, a tech-enabled consulting firm and a leader in the Revenue Management space, announced today that Tom Savini has joined the company as Chief Financial Officer. Revenue Analytics, a company founded over 12 years ago in Atlanta, Georgia, continues […]

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