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Why It’s OK to Charge Your Customers More In-...

Business on Tapp |  Jun 15

Online retailers are doing whatever they can to mimic the in-store experience, from offering “Live Chats” with personal shoppers to creating “Find Your Fit” tools that promise to predict a buyer’s exact size — like magic! But before investing your […]

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Revenue Management by Predictive Analytics

Cruise Industry News |  Mar 23

Cruise lines are turning more to advanced revenue management systems driven by piles of data and predictive analytics. “We have worked with cruise lines to enhance their revenue management and pricing techniques that they have had in place since the […]

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Pricing decisions are going to be made whether you ...

Radar |  Feb 24

In his role as chief scientist at Atlanta­based consulting firm Revenue Analytics, Jon Higbie helps clients make sound pricing decisions for everything from hotel rooms, to movie theater popcorn, to that carton of OJ in the fridge. And in the […]

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From Managing Demand to Generating Demand

Hotel Business Review |  Feb 24

Over the past 25 years, Revenue Management (RM) has grown from a new idea in hospitality into a core competency that is essential to any hotel’s success. In recent years, the internet has made pricing transparent and social media has […]

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Lessons From the Polar Vortex: How Energy Retailers...

Electric Light & Power |  Feb 17

Just the recollection of the polar vortex of 2014 sends a chill down the spines of U.S. energy retailers. What should have been an ideal opportunity to reap more revenue and profit as that rare blast of Artic air swept […]

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The Intersection of BI and Revenue Management

tdwi |  Dec 31

If you have been in analytics for a while, you know that revenue management is an old, well-established practice in some industries. Its primary goal is to sell the right product to the right customer at the right time for […]

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Sticker shock: Prices to shift by the moment

The Atlanta Journal Constitution |  Sep 13

It used to be that the price was the price. Sure, there were sales, special offers and discounts galore. But each consumer didn’t get a different deal. And the price didn’t constantly shift, based on supply and demand. But combine […]

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How Coca­-Cola Takes a Refreshing Approach to Big Data

SmartData Collective |  Jul 19

As the world’s largest non­alcoholic beverage company, Coca­-Cola generates Petabytes of data from varioussources: multi­channel retail data, customer profile data from loyalty programs, social media data, supply chain data, competitor data, sales and shipment data from bottling partners as well […]

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